Dishwasher 24" Built-In


Signature Features

  • Stainless Steel Interior

Premium stainless steel interior  for maximum durability.


  • Tall-Tub Design 

Our large capacity, tall-tub dishwasher fits up to 12 place settings so you can wash more at once.

  • Quiet Dishwasher

A quiet performance every time.


  • SpaceWise®  Silverware Basket

There’s a place for all of your  silverware in our multicompartment, removable basket.


More Easy-To-Use Features

  • Multiple Cycle Options 

Features easy-to-use cleaning cycle options.

  • Delay Start

Set your dishwasher to run on your schedule.


  • Ready-Select® Controls

Easily select options with the touch of  a button.


Energy Saver Plus Cycle

Eco-friendly cycle uses less energy without compromising cleaning performance.


  • Energy Saver Dry Option

No heat dry option.


  • Attractive Stainless Steel Exterior1


  • Low Rinse-Aid Indicator Light


  • Control Lock Option


  • 5-Level Wash Design


  • UltraQuiet™ 3  Sound Reduction System